London Sock Company: Unboxing 07/2019

A disclaimer first: This is not a review! The unboxing-series is only what it says – a regular unboxing. It is some easy and short entertainment for you and an easy to produce video for me. I have a lot of fun unboxing all the subscription boxes and I do not have to write a script first.

London Sock Company is as company based in London, England (you don’t say?). They offer dress socks in a subscription box delivered worldwide right to your door. The service is pretty affordable. The following is my first unboxing of their subscription service. I hope you enjoy it!

I am Benjamin. I am the founder of Sartorial Styles. Besides that, I work as a self-employed photographer and videographer in my hometown Aachen, Germany. My passion for menswear started around two years ago.

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