Hockerty: An In-Depth Review

Hockerty is an worldwide operating online service offering made-to-measure garments. Their webshop includes suits, shirts, trenchcoats, coats and even tuxedos, morning wear and white tie. They also offer accesories like belts or ties. Their prices are very low, you can get a custom suit from 189€. Their unique selling point is that you can customize the garments you want to order in many different ways. Before we cover all the options and fabrics they offer, let us quickly overview their website and history.

The History of Hockerty

It is pretty hard to find information about Hockerty itself on their website. They say, they have been founded by three young innovators in a living room. Because their friends and family supported them, the business was able to grow.

They go on speaking about having more than 250.000 satisfied customers all over the world and 60 employees in Switzerland, Spain and China. Their clothing is produced in Shanghai while their post office is located in Zurich.

What they don’t say on their website: Until 2015 (or maybe 2016) they marketed themselves under the brand Tailor4Less. They had many very bad reviews on the internet and decided to rebrand, increasing the prices and luckily also the quality.

Tailor4Less has been founded in 2008. As far as I know, they started with suits and shirts only. Now they have much more to offer and comparing my newer garments from Hockerty with older ones, they definetly increased quality, fit and service. So even if you had bad experience with Tailor4Less, you could give Hockerty a try.

An Overview about the service

As I already mentioned before, Hockerty offers many different products. Their speciality is customization. If you want to order a suit for example, there is nothing like a “suit #1” with a certain fabric in a certain style, you have to choose all the details and the material yourself.

I do not want to go too much in detail right now. Even if you don’t want to order from Hockerty, it is so much fun to play around with their customizer. I actually do that nearly every week. Trying out patterns and how they match with different types of garments is extremly interesting and funny. Just changing the suit from single-breasted to double-breasted with one click? No problem.

Shirt by Hockerty: 55% Linen, 45% Cotton

What are the fabrics Hockerty offers?

Talking about suits, they always have a ton of materials to choose from. They differ in fabric and style (means: colour and pattern). I have already orderer suits made out of wool-blends, linen, seersucker and tweed from Hockerty. Prices can vary between 189€ and around 500€.

While Hockerty always has some of the staples in stock, they sometimes offer quite interesting and unique fabrics you are not going to find around the next corner.

Going on with shirts, most of their fabrics contain a little amount of polyester or other synthetic materials besides cotton or linen. Most of them have more than 90 per cent of cotton, some only have around 50 percent. You can also get “wrinkle-free” shirts from them, but I would still not wear them without ironing.

In general, I’m especially surprised by their casual shirt fabrics. Mostly they look and feel even nicer than I expected from the images Hockerty provides. Their shirts start at 39€, most of them are priced around 50€.

Polo Shirts and Coats from Hockerty mostly offer a certain amount of wool mixed up with other materials. I would definetly suggest you to check out the fabric details before you order. You can also ask about different fabrics here in the comments, maybe I already own a garment made out of them. You can also order fabric samples (US Link / UK Link).

Trenchcoat by Hockerty: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester, Shirt by Hockerty: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

How can you customize your garments?

Again, because suits are probably the most interesting garment for you, I will focus on that topic. For specific questions please feel free to use the comments on this site.

After you have chosen the fabric you want your suit to be made of, you have to design your garment. You can choose between different fits, styles (single-breasted or double-breasted, peak lapels or notch lapels, pleats or no pleats, cuffs or no cuffs et cetera) and add premium options like metal buttons or your initials on the inside of your garment. You can order unstructured jackets, too.

One thing I really miss is the ability to order trousers without belt loops. Maybe they will add that to their customization tool later, because if you reach out to their support after you have placed your order you can ask them to do the trousers without belt loops and they will tailor them like that.

When Hockerty adds fabrics to their collection you will sometimes see rendering errors if you choose and customize them. But besides that, they probably have the best custumization tool on the online made-to-measure market.

How do you provide your measurements?

Hockerty is one of a few different online-services which only produce your garments on demand. So if you build and order your suit, it is produced for you following the measurements you provided. That is the reason why it takes around 20 days for the garments to arrive (real time, they promise around 15 days. Shipping time may be longer during christmas and especially after black friday).

Hockerty does not offer an app or any fancy service for providing the measurements like some other companies do. In my opinion that is a good thing, because “real” measurements taken by hand with a tape measure are much better. You have to do around ten different measurements following the explanation-videos they have on their website. That may take a little bit of time, especially if you check all the measurements twice.

By the way: If your garments still do not fit after they arrived at your door, Hockerty pays up to 20 per cent of the initial price for alterations at your local tailor. If the garment can not be altered, they produce it again for free. If the new item still does not fit, they do not care anymore. 😉

Suit by Hockerty: 100% Linen, Shirt by Hockerty: 100% Cotton

Hockerty: Shipping and Taxes

The clothing you order from Hockerty is produced in China. My orders have always been shipped from China to Switzerland. From Switzerland they shipped them to Bavaria. Some kind of shipping-middleman picked it up in Bavaria and resent it via DHL right to my door. Only the last few steps of the shipping process are actually trackable.

I have also orderer fabric samples twice. They have been sent from Spain via a regular letter.

As I already mentioned before, shipping took around 20 days on average including six orders into the calculation. Fabric samples took around one week to arrive. Hockerty promises a turnaround time of 15 days, but actually none of my orders arrived in 15 days or less. On my seventh order that I did not include into my calculation shipping took more than one month. Hockerty wrote an e-mail after that telling me they had very high demand because of their black friday sale. They also gave me a discount.

Important: This is my experience as a German customer. Customers from other countries are very welcome to share their experience with us in the comments!

Long story short: Shipping is free from 120€ (or 150$) and you do not have to pay any additional taxes or duties. The total shown in the shopping cart actually is the total price you have to pay.

How does the quality compare?

Hockerty offers extremly low prices. Especially their suits and shirts are often cheaper than off-the-rack clothing. They can offer those prices, because producing clothes in China is way cheaper than in Europe. In addition, they buy “no name” fabrics, which also lowers the price.

First things first: The fabrics are decent. They have really improved over time and the newer garments I own from them are comparable with off-the-rack suits and shirts in the same price range. If you really want to have high quality fabrics, you should try out SuitSupply or Oliver Wicks.

I would really suggest you to try tweed and linen from Hockerty. All of the items made out of those materials I have seen are extremly nice and look and feel high quality. Some of their wool blends are not so good, while their pure wool fabrics are way better, but also more expensive.

Does the clothing fit properly?

Of course I can only review my personal experience, but for me as a skinny guy the fit from Hockerty is a blessing. Their shirts fit phenomenal, dress shirts are longer than casual shirts and I was very surprised how well they tailored the shoulders.

The arms are always a little bit shorter than I expected, especially compared to jackets orderer with the same measurements. Mostly I had to shorten the jacket sleeves and/or lenthen the shirt sleeves.

While I also like their jacket fit, I love the fit of their trousers. They are not extremely tight, but they flatter my body type and especially around the bottom and the thighs they are extremely well tailored.

Other people may have different experiences. Hockerty does not offer actual ‘bespoke’ garments, the suits and shirts are always made on the base of a template. You may have luck and they have a template near your proportions. If you are unlucky, they may not be able to tailor the template very well, because it is too far away from your measurements. But this is a general problem of ‘regular’ made to measure.

Suit by Hockerty: 100% Linen, Shirt by Hockerty: 100% Cotton

How good are the fabrics?

I own several products from Hockerty and most of the fabrics are decent, but not incredible or extremely good. As I already said before, when you are looking for high quality italian fabrics, Suitsupply or other brands would be a better choice for you.

I my opinion, you can order linen, tweed and pure wool from Hockerty without having any doubts about the fabric quality. I have always been satisfied by products made out of that materials. Wool blends are nothing I would suggest you to order from Hockerty, because they are not very well made sometimes.

Talking about shirts, even the blended fabrics are very nice. I would strongly suggest you to look at the fabric weight, because some of their white shirts made out of cotton are way more heavy than others. That is especially important if you are looking for a shirt for a special season.

Hockerty should definetly keep working on their fabrics. But compared to a few years before, most of their fabrics have a good quality today. I would love to have a premium line with italian fabrics from well known mills nevertheless.

By the way, I have also tested their trenchcoats and overcoats. To keep it short: Their trenchcoats are very nice, the overcoats are okay, but you can find better ones for the same price.

Some miscellaneos thoughts about the quality

Going away from fit and fabric, I have some more things to say about the quality of Hockerty. First, most of their interior lining fabrics are not made out of good fabrics, mostly it is 100 per cent polyester. I would strongly suggest you to choose unstructured jackets, especially if you are looking for summer jackets.

In addition, their jackets are probably fused. That is completely normal in that price range, but an option to order half canvas or full canvas jackets would be very nice. Other services offer that, too.

Conclusion: Is Hockerty worth it?

I personally like it very much to order from Hockerty. Their customization options allow me to create unique clothing that I like (e.g. I am a big fan of peak lapels and not every off-the-rack store offers that detail). They always nailed the fit on my orders and the only adjustments I have needed are the sleeves, which they always paid for me.

They could still increase their fabric quality, but it is still hard to find better fabrics for a price of 189€. You get what you pay for. A more expensive suit from Hockerty will definetly be better in fabric quality.

I am Benjamin. I am the founder of Sartorial Styles. Besides that, I work as a self-employed photographer and videographer in my hometown Aachen, Germany. My passion for menswear started around two years ago.

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